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Season 2012-2013


Tokyo spring festival

Tokyo, Japan
April 5, 2013

    Concert at 18h30

  • Yan Maresz, Sul Segno, for harp, guitar, cymbalum, double bass and electronics
  • Jérôme Combier, Kogarashi, le 1er soupir des fantômes, for guitar and electronics
  • Fausto Romitelli, Trash TV Trance, for electric guitare

    Soloists from the ensemble Court-circuit
    Electronics : Ircam


  • It's no doubt the importance of the koto in Japan that made it possible to bring together pieces by Maresz, Combier and Romitelli. These pieces, all very different aesthetically, stage string instruments, whether plucked or struck, from the harp to the cymbalum or guitar, and it's electronicss that really link all these works and thanks to Ircam they will be heard at the Tokyo Spring Festival.

    Information :
    Nikkei Hall, Tokyo spring festival :,

    Co-production Tokyo spring festival / Ircam / ensemble Court-circuit / with the support of the Institut français


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