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The crisis as the root of all evil - we hear it every day - and it's only the beginning, or so they say. What type of crisis? Definitely, a crisis in thinking. When the iPhone 5 becomes a major work and Steve Jobs God the father, what hope can there be? But, instead of us discouraging us, these sad statements only serve to bolster our determination and desire to make Art! They make us more resistant!

Things have changed since last May in our beautiful country, and we can hope with all our heart - and by putting up a fight, of course - that our interlocutors will at last be up to it. For money is not the only remedy for problems in the creative world or in art production. A better distribution of riches in this sector too would be beneficial. And a clearer vision of the future would be salutary, as resources would be given to innovative structures rather than inventing new budget-swallowing "white elephants". So let's hope!

After having celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, Court-circuit is off again on a long journey alongside composers of a form of music we should proudly call by its name, contemporary music.

2007-2012 - Gilles Pouessel